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I ♥ Tesla Coffee Cup

This mug is an ode to the father of the electric age, Nikola Goddamn Tesla.

Nikola Tesla was an insane genius who ushered humanity into a second industrial revolution.  He spoke eight languages, invented radio, alternating current, radar, x-rays, and I'm pretty sure he invented lightning storms, cheese, and the internet.

I drew the portrait of Tesla using pen and ink with a bit of stipping, and the machinery surrounding him was done in vector.

The mug is dishwasher safe but not 100% effective against airborne attacks and/or mustard gas.

Drinking from this mug is guaranteed to grow you a mustache and raise you to a four digit IQ. 


$10.00 Was $18.00
I ♥ Tesla Coffee Cup
I ♥ Tesla Coffee Cup I ♥ Tesla Coffee Cup I ♥ Tesla Coffee Cup

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