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Cat Sticker Pack

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The pack contains 14 different kitty stickers, including The Bobcats, Cat Vs Internet, Samurai Kittens, and more.

All stickers are printed on high-grade vinyl which can be used both indoors and outside.  The paper is 3.4 pt and uses high-gloss ultraviolet coating, and can stand temperatures from -10°F to +200°F, so unless you're planning on traveling into outer space or windsurfing on the surface of the sun, these stickers should stand up to pretty much anything.  We also advise against sticking these to fast-moving animals such as cheetahs or caribou. 

Dimensions are around 2" x 3.25" (5.1 cm x 8.25 cm), depending on the sticker. 

Cat Sticker Pack

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