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Sriracha Lip Balm - 3 Pack

Don't you wish you could put the flavor of Sriracha on your lips 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? 


The Oatmeal teamed up with J&D's (creators of BaconSalt and Baconnaise) to create Sriracha-flavored lip balm.  Not only does it moisturize your lips and protect them from the harmful rays of the sun (it's SPF 15), but it also bombards them with a delicious firestorm of red peppers and garlic.  It's like making out with some tasty napalm.

You can also buy this lip balm at J&D's store if you're interested in pairing it with some of their amazing bacon products.

Note:  this is the 3 pack.  There's also single bottles of lip balm available.



$10.99 Was $11.97
Sriracha Lip Balm - 3 Pack
Sriracha Lip Balm - 3 Pack Sriracha Lip Balm - 3 Pack

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